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Familiarize Yourself With Our Privacy Policy!

Hello. We are aware that any student’s privacy is highly important and for this to remain safe and secure is vastly significant. For that purpose we at have established a very clear and strong privacy policy to ensure both your safety and ours.

  • We require your personal information for certain reasons, namely: to keep you informed regarding the status of the levels of your work’s completion, to make sure that you aren’t a phony case and to communicate in case of some kind of emergency or query regarding your assignment.
  • Your credit card details are not open or accessible to everybody, not even to our workers. You wouldn’t need to worry about your card information being exploited because once payment issues are settled between us, your information is automatically removed.
  • If a case of plagiarism arises, you have the authority to demand a payment refund.  Yet we assure you that such a case scenario is highly unlikely because of our unwavering reputation in terms of the originality of the work.
  • There is no need to be apprehensive about cookies. Sometimes some information or data of a website is saved by the web browser to learn about the popularity of a website. But it is all completely safe for you because your specific identity is not revealed.
  • We have the right to change the privacy and security policies, so make sure you are aware of any updates that we do. If you are still unclear about something, contact us.