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If you wish to know about our refund policy, read below…

It is very rare if any of our clients is unsatisfied with our treatment of their task. Hopefully, you will not have to avail this option because we intend to have a happy process of communication with you. But if due to certain reasons you want us to refund your money, for this we have designed a refund policy for you to avail in such cases, here are the rules that you need to know:

  • You can request a repayment on these conditions only: deadline not met by the writer, the quality of the task not equal to the requirements, plagiarism found in the text, revisions not according to your instructions or in case of severed communication from our side.
  • Your repayment can be either full or partial, but that would depend on the complete case scenario.
  • You have seven days after the delivery of the project. Any later will render you invalid for the appeal.
  • Your appeal will be put forth in front of our Refund Committee, and they will decide the validity of your argument.
  • If it is approved, you will receive your payment after 10-15 days from the day the approval is granted.
  • If you have failed to mention whether you want a full or partial refund, the decision will automatically fall upon our Refund Committee.
  • Refund does not include the charges of transaction placement.